Validated by number, not url

hellotmobileSo with that disagreement between Bezo’s (my blog) and the publishing still unresolved and also note the same with films.  Plus as it is going to affect other publishers sooner than later too i feel vindicated yet again with the use of isbn numbers and other references rather than a link to amazon who do not want to sell (my blog) that item.

Sure bloging about blogi’s is boring but at least my blog is functional and proves that this ereader thingy might be dealt a serous hit as that book i linked to you cannot buy, and i am sure many other books i have read mean owning a kindle means it is by no means either a cheaper way to buy books or keep up to date.

Since the zoo is not a big amazon client, and as i use a library it may not be that convient but then promoting one store over another might lead to the situation amazon find themselves in.

At least i can say i never made it that way.


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