Womens toilets in Scotland


Inspection time for the toilets

Scotland has just had a vote to decide if they want to be independent.

Being an exiled Rwandan ape in London zoo my views on the subject where deemed not important and that’s ok.  But this democracy thing is something everyone can criticise.  Regardless of what happens scotland gets a better deal and all ‘english’ parties want to give them more money that they don’t have.  Even before toxic banks (my blog).  I wonder how many libraries will close in the ‘south’ to fund them as money is only spent once.


Hadrian from Rome view of the scottish

I really have not been following the debate or the logic that may be mired in this (my blog)  but an independent scotland should mean benefits for all and even those of us behind what remains of Hadrain’s* wall.

The end of British Summer time (bst) is a good idea or worth a discussion on.


also scottish

Devolution has been am interesting experience and probably has kept the labour party in power with the minority it has with ideas much as no prescription fees**, and in education until the nationalist’s took them over.

So i wish the scots all the best, and firmly point the blame with Gordon Brown*** and Tony Blair. (my blog) .So i cannot fault the scottish after all if Blair started it and Brown had to keep bribing them why not look after there national interest ?

So if you voted labour [red] then part of the blame lies with you, not me.

Overall i see some benefits from not having scotland. that makes it worth it after all with separate law, bank scotland always was separate..

At least female visitors to scotland wont be queuing for the toilet.

* an ancient roman bloke ** behind that wall in the ‘south’ money is needed *** also scotish

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