Lost at sea,Jon Ronson

1798223cisbn: 9781447223917 is a book i had not read by this author (my blog), and so I was able to pick this up at a library without spending money* (my blog). Mr Ronson deals with different people, or the people who decide who is different there is a hope and failure to be found here.  Should you have never heard of him a film was made from one of his books which i have not seen.

Anyhow madness can be found everywhere even in tv show contestants and it is an interesting look at the cult like brainwashing [page 8]. established churches, competitive eaters, and people like phoenix jones who dress up and ‘fight’ crime although mad might be a wrong label in that case.

The book varies but so do its subjects there is some good investigative journalism here with examining Rebecca Coriam who went missing on a disney cruise ship, and the case of Richard Cullen which is the  only case i where the subprime loam industry (my blog) was given a grilling before the crash.

5/5 bananas.

If you clicked on the test link i provided then most of deemed special is classed as an mental illness by the mental health doctors in some form or other * rare

by golly but...

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