Wagging the dog, and the msm

Saudi Arabia - Not pro womens rights

Saudi Arabia – Not pro womens rights

That might be also known to you as American Hero by Larry Beinhart* and is a tale of a politician inventing fake news.  While some in the news media have a fair and balanced policy (my blog). The news can be nuanced (my blog) and while propaganda is part of the news it shows a problem.  Curated news where they wont show something runs a risk of making the fiction true for if 24 hour news coverage is unable to even name, yet alone show that x really is a news story then the news outlets cant exactly be doing there job.

idiocracy fox news in the year 2505

fox news in the year 2505

Now if the msm wont report it because it might be upsetting how i am supposed to know that it is true rather than propaganda for either side.  After all if Tony Blair had a dodgy dossier (my blog) then the lie might be corrected in ten years time.  It at all


the usual suspect

the usual suspect

If the world cannot be reported by the mainstream media for fear of upsetting people then don’t we need better journalists or broadcasters who can or perhaps the reports should be delayed by ten years.

Point made.


* not seen or read

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