Sally is back and here to help you iphone 6 users

Sally (this blog) who is an expert mental health professional and a brainy ape here in the zoo is now able to help you if your an apple use.  If you have questions comment and i will show her them.

Meanwhile here are a few questions from zoo guests so far.

q: I dropped my phone and it does not now work

a: You might have disease/condition like parkinsons

q: Can i charge my iphone 6 in the microwave

a: I believe that works

q: i am overweight and cannot outrun a mugger  should i get an iphone

a: We need trendy muggers after all there is more to life than nike trainers (here) .



q: am i uncool for not having an apple product ?

a: Well ask a mugger, and remember that as long as it works as telephone nobody actually gives a shit.

q: it got bent, is my iphone trying to make me gay

a: probably, seek a catholic priest (here) to check your sexuality and be happy with the assault and result.

If your question has not been answered don’t be shy comment!.  Sally has helped many iphone users.

by golly but...

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