young adult books,censorship,distopia,sequels and the ford motor company


you know the drill

Bananas does not read young adult books and if like me you read book websites [ya] is a swtich off as your looking at least at three books or more with limitations that still seem to make them censor prone by idiots who should know better.

ya books suffer from regurgitation, monologues which make them ideal hollywood films rather than books which i have blogged about but cannot find the links to [sorry].  The distopia i have no problems with but  if you  cannot describe it because its ya then is it one really.

I write this after reading the giver, which apparently is now also a film in a evening i understand.  its use of a lack of things is very greek hardly revolutionary and to be honest with you bored me as ape here in the zoo.

Mind you when even Aldous Huxley gets banned for a parody of Henry Ford for being not capitalistic enough perhaps all those kids with bows and arrows, or wave wands should start murdering priests (my blog) and retarded adults who suggest to ban books are game for things getting aimed at them or if they do not drive ford cars which could be considered unamerican.

After all Henry Ford (my blog) and family would be cool with that, one could argue that real dystopia’s are good for ford why not for teenagers too,

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