The competing with free problem

checkThe monkey house had a sofa for sale, (my blog) it is in good condition and quite why it is being sold is a question to the alpha ape and Sally not me.  A nominal sum and advert produced and so for several weeks nobody  bit.  Ebay also failed to sell another piece of used furniture from another part of of the zoo [we did not use ebay]

It is interesting to see with the interest in recycling that people are prepared to have second hand* but at zero cost.

Another example is from television  on freeview where an american sold houses building features content like fireplaces, windows, kitchen stuff from very new houses being demolished in america – some of these looked like they had never been lived in.  The prices of the second hand stuff went for 1% of the retail value.  It will be interesting to see how this affects new prices if the trend continues.

Even the british** are in on this act and quite how that will affect the advertisers is an interesting question.  If i made furniture and television was showing how to furnish a house for the cost of a delivery van then i would a bit concerned, or that  s  a cunning move to stop recycling.

leather sofa at the zoo for all your apple addiction problems.

leather sofa at the zoo for all your apple addiction problems.

So is the item worth the money ? no its not 1% of the value of a new one. But as even ebay cannot shift items it shows perhaps that even ebay has a problem in its future.

Time passed and eventually somebody came to the zoo, saw the item and with a tribe of monkeys and the security teams also moved the largish item into a van.

So you don’t have use ebay or its variants.

* with wooden furniture that’s an antique – although trends do change ** might be the last time i use that phrase

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