Systemd weirdness fleshed out

OK i have bloged about this before (my blog) and one day recently i decided to figure out why it is so shit

orginalatityI wanted to rationally address my concerns from before so off i go and find an arch wiki article for systemd which it tells me that if i change the quiet on the grub menu then i get console messages back. That’s fucking odd as they used to display before with quiet with init.d.

There is alas a shit load of bonus crap that init,d did not have. Oh well.

Why does grub [/etc/default/grub] control what systemd does ?

Oh and the login daemon also prints shit out when it hits errors which in debian testing is going to happen

Those are superficial but make linux more like linux.should be rather than a testing mobile phone gui that certain people think is required although i don’t use that piece of shit (my blog).

Anyhow i also want to write .service files which are apparently located in /etc/systemd/ system and cannot figure out the sshd file with its logical after rules and conditionpathexists.

Sshd now uses /etc/default/ssh so this shit is all over the place. Oh i guess /etc/sshd/<filesretard> also will get a reference

I read from the arch documentation* that you can run script files that i heavily adapted being i run four postfix servers from one file, so to do that in systemd it seems i need four .system files and enabled by systemctl.

I have no idea why i now would need four service file to launch four commands

anti gay toilet in Sochi Russia

anti gay toilet in Sochi Russia

I still maintain that systemd sucks and i would love them to fly to sochi and have a conference perhaps with air Malaysia sponsoring them.

Anyhow i thnk my hate of systemd has reduced but i still think its retarded.. So it looks like i am going be rewriting init scripts again on the dist upgrade.  Hopefully there will be things to convert for services that gnome users probably don’t think it needs**

Anyhow i never got near to the reason why you cannot print to screen the systemd files in /run so i guess when linux breaks your on your own.

The more you know about systemd the more i think it is crap.  Sure initd is old but who is to say that systemd is not without issues

* debian documentation is err how shall i say not revealing and worries more about licenses than how it may or may not be actually used which was is the mystery of phpfpm (my blog)  ** like servers for email and stuff i refuse to accept that one host can only serve one web server/one a /one b and not also do other things that the hosting industry think unprofitable..

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