charity ebola, Malala Yousafzai, nazi muslims, oh and Labour’s ukip woes

pukeeThe world is doing its usual interesting things. We have charity ‘staff’ (my blog) complaining and then turning ebola into problem elsewhere from a regional to a world problem. Malala Yousafzai (my blog) wins an award for pakistan despite not being able to live there.

Heywood and Middleton a once safe seat for the labour party was made into a marginal seat by ukip. I wonder what that kind of dynamic will also have elsewhere.  While ebola is not pleasant it does rather make the whole lets not talk about issue because we me might be deemed nasty by people.

The other unexplained elephant in the room is about african debt release.  If the west bailed out africa before, and is now again paying to stop ebola then did the debt forgiveness work at all ?

Mean while British Muslims are blaming the internet (my blog) for radicalising children so it must so be good to be to blame free despite not using censorship tools.


by golly but...

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