The wolf of wall street, Jordan Belfort

jordanbelfortisbn: 9781444788120 may ring a bell as it became a film.  I have not seen the film and found this book on a shelf in a library as i have read books about crooks (this blog) and another (my blog) surely another in his words will be no challenge for this ape.

Mr Belfort is best described as a philistine or in his own words ‘pond scum’ who cannot get an erection, and spent what he did not owe and hired likewise ‘professionals’ to work in wall street with him.  Boilerroom (my blog0 might describe it in the days before this (my blog).

I aborted on page 30 as this is more about the perks of the job rather than any semantic content worth reading.

Sort of explains why it got filmed. 0/5 bananas

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