The provincial lady in america, E M Delafield

e-m-delafieldisbn: 089735392 is an author i have read but probably not bloged about and i like but have not got around to saying* so,

Her prior two books that i knew of [the diary isbn 0897330536] and [in russia isbn:0897331567] are a look at 1930’s life and [america] just happened to be in a library.I borrowed it as one does. The first deals with english life and is fun, in russia a tale of life is told via toothache and unlike other novelists who thought Russia could do no wrong the paradise of other writers is not seen.

[America] is treated to a visit from the author during prohibition (my blog) and if you like the style then it continues in the way.

.4/5 bananas although not as natural as some of the books i mentioned above..

by golly but...

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