this changes everything, Naomi Klein

soylentgreenisbn: 9781846145056 is an author i have read and mentioned before (my blog) .  This book is ranty and while i agree climate change is going on i disagree with both left and rights interpretation as to how to fix it.

The Somerset levels flooding in the UK even gets a mention but the author forgets that mismanaging the land even before that and that it had flooded in the dim and distant past it does need management and if this is not done by either a green charity who own most of the land there now then how it wrong to finally do something rather than spend it somewhere else where a cut by the liberals are deemed as 100% wrong.

Sticking with nearing sinking Somerset* is it apparently ok to rebuild the new orleans water systems but not ok to spend some money in Somerset.  Go figure.

The right think that innovation will fix things, the left on quota’s.

Klein correctly notes the affect of ttpp, nafta, and wto organisation rules have on democratic institutions but has an us/canadian bias and she seems to forget the eco footprint from say producing widgets in x and sending them to a etc.

Saint Naomi has a lucid moment on page 160 and has a go everybody even saint bill gates and the billionaires.  After all what ever happened to Jonathan Porit.  The Nature Conservamcy council is also a sick take on ‘green’ which one also say also applies with the lack of drainage in somerset mentioned above by a charity.

nativeMy problem with this book is with saint Noami who cannot square away the rights of people, with conservation unless you become a native Indian.

It is a negative and ranty book and i lost interest

2/5 bananas. An example of the strange thinking is summed up in the next paragraph.

Candle** ligthing seems a safe choice as even nuclear is deemed bad, if you have given up nuclear then you also get bashed for using toxic alternatives as a stunning example of thinking in this book.

I suggest that there are better books out there like this (my blog)

* wellies for that festival event ** parafin or whale oil is a question

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