Making webmin and firefox 32 play nice again.

are-you-serious-wtf-meme-baby-faceI use webmin on a daily basis, and while i don’t do a lot of stuff with it as it cannot handle the complexity it is nice to have as a tool. It had ssl enabled and as firefox freaks out about the self certified issue (my blog) i had an exception in firefox.

Self certified might be frowned upon in ssl  consultant land but it makes attacks a bit harder as a virgin browser has to go through the  OH NO WORLD WAR THREE is about to start in Mozilla interpretation of the non ca ssl.  Chrome is also a bit of whinger in this regard however it allowed me in when firefox would not.

I don’t consider this a webmin issue.

Knowing that the key was too short i generated a newer key from inside webmin in http mode with chrome (my blog) and turned on and firefox finally allowed me to use firefox again.

Anyhow its an easy fix and as firefox feels safe i do too despite my issues with the ssl industry and the false sense of security it offers to many.


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