The human sized coffin – or council waste disposal

binRubbish is an subject we all generate* but rarely talk about.  The monkey house already has compost bins for our bananas and so our food rubbish profile is limited.  We had a general rubbish bin, and paper, bottle, tin and plastic containers as well.

However with  new collection scheme meant the tin, and glass boxes are now rubbish replaced by one huge wheelie bin. Food waste gets its own small container, and yet another huge bin is for general waste.  So technically we apes here in the zoo can murder two humans a every two weeks** from now on.

Lets hope nobody notices.

Anyhow the recycle bin gets fairly full, the other waste is minimal and the slugs that used to grow in the old boxes are no more and we think Camdem as a locale is bit cleaner as the foxes (my blog) cannot get into the rubbish on collection day.

* even on this blog ** i am sure the civil defense people (mu blog) had a say in this, and there’s a chainsaw somewhere too for efficiency

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