mashimdb tt0068098 was first a film [good] and then a television series toned down for television although there is little blood and guts even in the film.  It is an old series from the 1970’s but it’s influences continue.  If you read you will find that subjects from mash turn up in the later star trek series and in other programs,

Its a writers touch stone.

Set in the Korean war of 1951 so technically not over this series has an impressive reputation and despite not looking too good on modern tv screens it can still pack a punch with its mix of old but subtle story telling,

Korea was a easy choice rather than Vietnam (my blog) but despite being the not the most recent war/police action does it well in fact subjects like drafting of doctors is now not seen and yet still does the subject well.

It is worth seeing despite perhaps some non .non modern views.  It can suffer from a laugh track, but some episodes have this and others do not.which illustrates the nerves the broadcaster had at the time.  Despite that the script still wins.

5/5 bananas.

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