Taking command, David Richards [general]

aiming_gun.jpeisbn: 9781472220844 was known about from a left wing newspaper and not a right wing one.  Conservative newspapers can be strange beasts on books as to what gets space.

Anyhow with Afghanistan ‘successfully’ exited (my blog) at the current time* It will be interesting to see if general Richards strategies stay on target or fall apart like what is happening in ‘Iraq‘ (my blog).

Richards comes from a military family and was public school educated so his education began early, Tours in Germany during the cold  war, Ireland and other places followed by promotion saw him lead in East Timur, and Sierra Leone.

Richards is best known for rapid reaction forces and that is where ‘agile’ and army structures fail in more than one year plus activities.  The higher in rank he got the more issues he has with the politician.  So it seems the army is not run by the army but people who have never been in one despite Richards having a ppe (my blog) like those people .

Eventually it is time for Afghanistan in detail and that is not that detailed.  The chapter as cds feels a lot like an afterthought.

1/5 bananas.

* for how long though remains a question



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