command and control,eric schlosser

well there was n bomb and ....

well there was n bomb and ….

isbn: 9780846140485 is an author who i have not read although both of us have written and read stuff on this (my blog).  This  covers world war three and so i have a cuuple of more valid links like the war gamne (my blog), Robert Nacmura (my blog) with breif sections on well known areas like radar and element 235 production.

It is sometimes terrifying read as how strategic air command worked and things like who can do what, and have access to items is documented from the first nuclear explosions to the 1990’s.  Most of the known events are covered and those in charge of these items seem moderately sane.

The non fiction is actually good, and while fiction things like threads and the war game get the attention.

Robert Nacmura gets a good reputation as much of his work is not discussed by anybody and as a hated american for non nuclear issues seems noteworthy.

An interesting question is raised despite the issues that most of the incidents where cleaned up leaving no several thousand years of waiting although they are small incidents.  The attitude of the people in the military over time is interesting and is documented so i wonder what would a 1950’s mindset (well worth a hour to see) think about somebody in 2020 doing their job.

This focuses on american incidents and i am sure the russian side also had issues so its only half of the tale,

5/5 bananas

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