Guest wifi made easy with dd-wrt

monkeycoupleThe monkey house has guests and with wifi the thing* rather than those crapped out 3g/4 networks that the telecom companies (my blog) hate i seem to be kept being asking what is the bloody password for which the passphrase even i do not remember correctly***.

As we use dd-wrt (my blog) i decided to add an guest network that reduces the number of apes making a path to my tree so that some zoo guest can do something.  I log in, make a new instance of a wifi thing, keep it hidden and idiot proof and reboot**  and test.

It works as designed.  So i amble down and tell the alpha who also does not have a clue about the password either and tell him not to bother me again.  Time for a banana i think.

* phones etc ** may or may not be necessary *** i have a ethernet cable wired tree, and do not use wifi


by golly but...

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