Seizing the enigma, David Khan


John Fisher, sea lord traitor

isbn: 9781848326361 is a revised edition, the author works at the nsa (my blog) and so i picked up another book of his which i review at some point.  Rather than do a u571 (imdb:tt0141926 not seen) where the americans win despite being late to the party in both wars and having nothing to do with recovery of it.

Scherbius the inventor of concept but it took the ‘loose lips’ of sea lord John Fisher in 1919 and Winston Churchill later on for enigma to be the thing that means most of you have never heard of Authur Scherbius.   It is fun to reflect that while the spy might be deemed dangerous (my blog) and do nasty stuff to civil liberties if your politician or an retired naval admiral it is ok to publish much stuff in a book. I will leave you to find the irony.

Another genius is the Polish Rejewski who got early versions of enigma cracked prior to ww2 with some greed and sharing.  With codes we all have a perception of the people we think do that sort of stuff (my blog), there is also the grunt side of getting the keys and some on those jobs are extremely unpleasant

It is amusing to note that an american wrote this book and that a british citizen probably could not have.

5/5 bananas


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