The very bad economics for helwett packard and ink sensors on printers

I don’t like the direction that hp have taken over printers or most of there stuff, and have banged on about it.  The missing drm thing, and blow up sensors make owning a hp printer another huge hassle and finding ways around the bonkers issues in printers created recently – very much along oatmeals view.

The trick being not to overly compromise, and still stiff hp for its bad decisions – this can be done to some extent.  Although in the government sector labours pfi deals make no savings possible for them*.

The zoo needed toner for a laser printer  – it came with an orginal economy cartridge  half filled or something, and when it emptied and exploded we had it refilled the sensor did not work and since that printer does not get heaps of abuse the text began to go grey rather than black over a number of years.

Finally I decide to buy a new cartridge and sell the old one as scrap, i was not willing to pay £ 50 for a hp original and find a £ 10 oem version probably made in the same factory hp uses but with the joys of outsourcing means they make more than the hp quota and sell as oem.

I did not refill the existing cartridge as that was double the price i paid for the replacement and over time even cartridges develop problems like leaks that make them a little messy.

It works very well and i am happy with the result.  I have also stiffed hp and even though the ink sensor blow up is not important by not working it also prevented me from wasting ink that the ink sensor if had had worked decided it was empty.  So hp’s  broken by design sensor also made there sales worse and devalues there printer model.

Result bananas 1 hp 0

* whom i guess pay £ 50 for an ink container.

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