Ukraine Diares, Andrey Kurkov

mh317isbn 9789846559471 is an author i have read before (my blog) and deals with the interesting going ons in the Ukraine which from a local is a more helpful guide to the latter Crimea issue and mh317.

This is non fiction and clearly the Ukraine was in no fit state to to be a transparent european nation with its problems of corruption within its law, justice and beyond.

Its post soviet pains and with some of those who go with the putin reasoning seem sheep like and when they have to be paid and yet get no reward for doing putin’s bidding indicate that there are a lot of retards in the ukraine.

The pro europe lot seem self motivated and have more illumined the wrongs of the then elected pro soviet parties.  Although its a interesting enough to have dolphins mentioned as apparently Putin (my blog) misses them and i also assume that Vadim Titushky will also have a box at the dolphin amusement park.

An interesting read for those of us who do not that much about Ukraine and how the new russia menaces the world, after all when Russia bans books clearly something is up and shines at light on the problem..

4/5 bananas




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