Lawyers who cannot make up there minds.

Pretending being a lion

Pretending being a lion

Lawyers (or solicitors) in the UK are a weird bunch and up for parody, Imagine the fictional uk law firm of cocksucker, brownhole & arsehole and that sets up the class thing perfectly.  Clueless legal professionals abound worldwide via dmca notices and other incompetence that sometimes makes me wonder about humanity, examples include sco-x (my blog),Prenda law,  rigthaven (newspaper copyright) and if you think this is just a local problem think again.  When somebody says there a lawyer assume the worst.

Anyhow I was in the vets having my teeth being looked at when a firm like the one above was noticed for the wrong reason.  The world of lawyering consists of the general professional**  to the specific area of law say the human rights of fruit***.

This firm went from the general pratcice, to business law only, and now it seems is back to consumer issues with a pleading cheap sign display outside for all the world to see.  There are many legal professionals and it seems that decision was not a good one.

* did you get the joke ? ** they can be a shady bunch *** get it ?

by golly but...

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