The benefits of being microsoft wga illegitimate.

failIn 2007 Professor bought a compaq laptop, with Vista.  In 2014 it is old.  The battery does not work, it had a new power supply and the connection to the unit is flaky.  It is no advert for HP who own compaq.

Last year on this date in 2013 it stopped getting microsoft updates (my blog) .  Our wga key (my blog) had become invalid.  Now i guess somebody spoofed it, and the newer thing got priority over professors.

I decided to ask for help – the nice Indian at HP  understood the issue but could not help me as i was not american.  So i ring HP [who own compaq] in the UK for help. after all fraud has just taken place.  He gives me a wrong phone number for microsoft and at that point i give up with this help with costly phone lines for shit* i did not want in the first place.

So i run vista without wga updates on professors thing, benefits of this be that the incompetence of microsoft sucking down our quota (my blog) of bits and bytes is now a non issue.  A year has passed it is still good.  Oh professor has been told not to buy HP brands again and his journey to desktop linux** will begin.

Is perhaps seven years too long for microsoft to tolerate a user ? or a license Anyhow with both getting no future sales i feel that somebody else will have to say something about the incompetence at hp and microsoft.

So do you need wga –  no, in fact if the bandwidth for updates is taken as a part of the tco valuation (my blog) then microsoft software has an added cost.

* microsoft crap  ** he uses it already for printing and other stuff

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