Aids dont die of prejudice,Norman Fowler

fowlerisbn: 9781849547048 is by a person who has mellowed in age, and not as nasty as once portrayed by the media, another name also comes to mind as well but Norman Fowler was one of the first to deal with a then new disease and so he has some experience.

A side issue with book comes with brief analysis of the early public health campaign run by a conservative government.  In light of the this (my blog) it is more revealing that wrong sex was deemed to exist but not carried out.  That might explain why those in power could not do wrong sex, only right sex within the narrow confines of mary whitehouse (my blog)

Being prudish on sex failed in 1914-18 and was noted as such although the moral minority tried to suppress the more graphic issues.

His perspective on financial aid/charity is interesting important here might be non issue there, so i am not sure how more money translates into ‘important’ in the place with the issue.

The brief speculation of what aids derived from is interesting consisting of bush meat* consumption, and thought to have been left undiagnosed since the 1960’s so the public health bodies (my blog) either had an agenda not to look into this or incompetence works fine.

Uganda, Russia, [plus Ukraine] and South Africa are looked at and here and Fowler mentions the decline in garlic sales over drugs but not the crook (my blog) who advised the anc state to go bonkers.   This policy with uninterested states is owned by homophobic religions funded with crazy money like Rach.

Occasionally the book goes from a not naming loonies overview and throws in terms likes like cd4 count**, i would have to look that up if like me your not an lab person.   The medical industries restrictions on numbers of doctors also gets noticed.



It is nice to see that despite this religious people and there funny ideas there are a lot of deviants in the religious countries getting the numerical credit of more than one person be it India or America. Although to frame the debate on sexual preferences ignores a large number of those with hiv.

And it is not all bad news, but with the debate owned by bigots***, and loons it is going to take some time,

4/5 bananas

* monkeys and stuff – nvcjd was also thought to be a mix of pollution and dead//rotting indian cattle in the ganges then consumed by humans  ** i think a white cell count – could be wrong *** also applies to to this debate (my blog)



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