Interesting Japanese stuff

nobungaNobunaga Concerto is an interesting J-Drama [not anime] where the past meets the future.  As i usually hate ninja sort of type things so take this as as a recommendation.

Hard To Say I Love You is another J-Drama that is fun and sad but seems to work if a bit repetitive although i persevered with it.

cat_bondIRYU – Team Medical Dragon which is a medical drama and griping despite the trademark shiny glasses, and the man with the fish tank tropes.

If you want bunny boilers* then Desperate Motherhood is a sometimes interesting and uncomfortable viewing experience it is a bit wtf-ish.

Future Diary: Another World is another that perhaps overdoes the deju vu but seems interesting where dead is not the end although i did wonder about iffy software that allows two versions of the same instance.

booksjdrama Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia’s Case Files it got me on to new authors like Natsume Sōseki, and while not confined to Japanese literature alone is something i enjoy even if i know the subject i have to admit binge watching these.

In anime Mushi (my blog) is well worth the time although that i have said before.  I have yet to see anything new that seems as good.  That might be me rather than who sells the rights and to x places.

* from an american film where a bunny gets boiled

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