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stockingsBananas was looking for a well known author that i have blogged about but don’t particularly like so i wont tell you who or link** to any of the books that have been mentioned in this blog.

With no recent books by this author in paper form i look at the ebooks section of the local library.  Also it was not available, never the less Fiona Locke came up who is apparently big in spanking* circles. with on the bare and other titles popped into sight.

So i decided to read this in html mode because i don’t yet own a drm retarded ebook thing (my blog) that can read all book formats from many shops and just who knows when some prude (my blog) in Parliament will ban spanking books as just happened along with a number of other acts of which taxation could have been earned from. If you have no idea what i am on about it may be better known to you as laws for one person.

I have a problem with laws for person as say a murders b with a banana skin.  Its still murder, the banana skin could also have been a knife, a tree that blew down in strong winds, or faulty wiring.  Making death by banana skin a crime seems pointless after all a still killed b.

Fiona Locke's biggest fan Theresa May

Fiona Locke’s biggest fan Theresa May

Nether the less these banana skins are then strangely made illegal by politicians of of all world views.

The ‘ebook’ was not very kinky and I left most of it unread. While self publishing or word of mouth and then publishing (my blog) probably has a place i do wonder about people who seem to made ‘ebooks’ into a tame very place where the boundaries placed upon them like the phrase ‘her sex’ is a metaphor for something that internet porn has no problems with using the precise term of.

I wish Ms Locke all the best and advise you all to seek out better stuff.

As to the author i was looking for that is not available fortunately somewhere else had a paper copy of the book which had nothing to do with spanking which probably is a good thing although i am sure there is excellent writing on spanking (my blog) to be found.

Anyhow since the author i was searching for wont get a review here at all this will do in its place.

* a fetish ** pingbacks and comments are currently broken in wordpress.com

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