A hunt for a new televsion [so long cinderella]


Male monkeys like these zoo visitors

Cinderella (**my blog) is a crt* television made by Philips.  The alpha here in the zoo has told me she is going to live somewhere else when her home that fits her shoe goes.  After all there is a new kid in town.

The alpha in the monkey house outlined his demands and so i started looking at these thin televisions.  The dvd / pinkray (my blog) was a non starter for the smallish size (my blog) wanted and the choice of suppliers was also limited.

I have questions about the longevity of the software which i have run into before (my blog) so i guess a compromise of some sort will have to be made.  But they look more like computers than televisions. Oh and pinkray is still too expensive.

Seeing a unit in retail also appears to be a problem as small sizes are not it appears sold

* square ** a rather old tale stolen from grimm (my blog) by disney thing

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