Systemd 1 Bananas 0, and the hunt for a new laptop

kaboomDebian testing finally bit me leaving me with a read only system, and some weird confusing on uuid  references. remount failed but i was able to copy the important bits to a non systemd host.

The mount command is plain wired was showing

and other entries

The disk was unable even to get its partition table to a fresh state.  I decided to pass to a firm where they also confirmed the disk was terminated.

So it was time to buy a new laptop. I cant buy HP for reasons noted here (my blog). Lenovo  looked nice but then i run into compatibly issues. Asus make some interesting stuff but there is not a lot in it and no linux so it looks like i am sticking with linux.

I found a an ideal laptop if a little pricey so i decided to look at android netbooks.  There is a lot of 2.2 about still and 4 is not big on netbooks. The chinese stuff looks interesting but has shit reviews and seems to conk out after six months.

risk averse

risk averse

In the end i found a no os laptop from a little known supplier  and rang them up to see about spare parts.  Within a minute i through to a human and they knew about it and got me an answer.

I know you cannot do that at HP.

I sort of found an interesting non brand android tablets so it does pay to go beyond the seo promoted big brands and three month boxes.

active, bonkers or lay of the chocolate breakfast cereal ?

active, bonkers or lay of the chocolate breakfast cereal ?

Alas it did not have a wired connection to a network and would have needed some exploring.  So there is some interesting stuff in android land but you do have to look.

So having found a unit i add some items and then the unit with no os is then out of stock.  I have to start again.

I dont want to pay Microsoft for crap, and eventually find a custom pc builders and get a system that is cheaper but with the same feature set.

After a few days i decide to go with this.




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