The madman who ‘must’ be a terrorist

Bananas got one of those letters from the bank asking for proof i was a living breathing ape, and not that terrorist ape that Charton Heston ran into and flooded the statue of liberty (my blog).

Then Man Haron Monis got angry about chocolate or something in Australia and decided to complain.  You all know what happened next with twitter hashtags which sound like there is a rash of kidnappings and the official statement afterwards that this Iranian was bonkers rather than a revolutionary who even some revolutionary’s thought crazy (my blog).

So bananas commandeered a copier here in the zoo and made tens of copies of government and zoo forms proving i have never kissed Charlton Heston for the bank of bananas (my blog).

Then i needed a specific human to say these where real so off i go to a pharmacist being the easiest on the list.

I go in and the get the prepared forms signed and stamped i joke that security theatre types think i am a terrorist.

Oddly this is thought to be not funny but i get the impression that the shop staff think and consider Man Haron Monis a terrorist. I laugh at this comedy routine which somehow i am also a part of.

I have no idea if self kidnapping aka ‘#illridealongwithyou is deemed a crime or legal, or if Man Haron Monis is or is not mad or bad.  But somehow the Terrorist label has stuck with the less brainy.

Even my on the list notariser sees the irony and I eventually post off my ‘notarised’ copies and think what will be the consequences of Monis after all the media have classed him a terrorist in the views of the public and that usually gets the attention of the security types.


by golly but...

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