The Peripheral,William Gibson

Alisher Usmanov

Alisher Usmanov

isbn: 9780670921553 is an author i struggle with due to flashing lights and other huh moments (my blog).  Bananas and Gibson don’t get on*

Anyhow having nothing else to read i thought i might torture myself again and surprisingly my library system bought the book and nobody wanted to read it.

I aborted on page 45, there’s something along the lines of oligarch’s (my blog) and poor people although coherent is an attribute i would not give it.  the s/f seems to be in recycling and a time machine.

The acknowledgements show or explain that while Gibson may credit influences his intention on visiting places is not an important factor.  Here is a piece of the book that shows up this and and credits further illustrate that perhaps the book industry’s cv’s [i read x for x before publication] mean he got a free pass in the small and apparent circle of publishing.

Now this ‘might be a masterpiece’ but your not going hear that from me and this is rubbish

0/5 bananas.

*a joke

by golly but...

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