The Cookoo’s in the christian music nest.

cookooBananas does not do music, for as a blog subject for some reason that that it will get dmca’ed to hell by four conglomerates and several copyright organisations for some reason or other  including its Tuesday, my hair needs washing, and may contain nuts.

Christian rock is an area that i have no interest in either. Lets face facts that when you have to insert name of x in music lyrics your not exactly doing anything revolutionary and your only getting a tiny percentage of music followers since your being safe and some rapist holy man (my blog) thinks its modern (my blog) despite the same people thinking that Cliff Richard is a satanic person in the 1960’s and who might also be a rapist.

Anyhow that bring me to the attention Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees, and Vicky Beeching who are people or bands that i had never heard of until both came out as gay in the christian rock industry. What perhaps is more revealing is that many other of these persons don’t actually believe in the christian message.

If they are gay i have no issue with them but the integrity and hate on display in these ‘loving’ communities is proof of small minded people.

As to that music market the money is more important than the message is at least the one truthful conclusion we can al agree with.

by golly but...

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