https and ‘mixed’ content

lost_touristBananas was in a save money mode. Since my ssl provider is retarded* (my blog) i decide to move our mobile html site from an host to the one the https uses. A bit of jiggery and some pokery gets me an unwanted .htaccess file after all whats wrong with a directive in section and the site functions but…

The use of offsite jquery offends my cheapo ssl certs on grounds of being wrong. I am sure https will fix the issue but i think the issue still stands.  Mind you having discussed openzone before (myblog) one of the apes here in the zoo connected to one, it thought our https was bad some reason.  Mind you what British Telecom think is correct is a a bit of a joke.

This https thing is a mess, you get invalid cert errors on british telecom** (my blog), but score a+ on quays (my blog).

* if they don’t want extra money they think for a m.domain.suffix then why should i question there reasons? ** who dont like ssl

by golly but...

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