Station Eleven, Emily st John Mandel

asbo in an morning suit

asbo in an morning suit

isbn: 9781447268963 is by a very posh author so i will rate this in organic bananas rather than my chav standard of measure the unorganic banana I hope you all will be impressed  by that.

As usual somebody gets a cold, and then 99% of the people start dropping dead.  The theatre types get together and get mysty eyed over classical music and Shakespear.

A more modern feature to this loviedom cast is the loves and associated comic book that very few have have ever read.  I guess you had to be there.

Snipet like for instance who how long would the duty free shop stay in drinks after the end of this could be a selection of short stories rather than a book with one.

1/5 organic bananas.

by golly but...

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