Review of the Year

blackfish2014 film of the year was blackfish.  The Oscar nominations for last year seemed to be full of films with no cinema release date when announced so i did not see them,  or have no superheroes in either.  Mind you in september this [old] made more money than any film in the cinema oh it was not a film..

January saw the mpaa join w3c which is a very sorry statement on the w3c but with disney already being members confirms the fact of corruption. Going ‘secret’ also means the w3c becomes irrelevant.

The politicians got small minded again.

February started with a bombshell that Harry Potter got a divorce, mind you that from the woman who can’t find lost kids [rather old] and also encourages feral underclass greed. A soggy month where some of the 1970 television presenter  types where found not guilty of sex crimes, quite how anyone is supposed to remember that far back and with faces well known seems ripe for abuse.

In the Ukraine it appears that Jasper Fforde [rather old] was not writing fiction when it had a revolution as to from who and against what seem unclear.  Tony Blair’s legacy became clear when terrorists got immunity from law.  Hariet ‘stabbie’ Harman also had the 1970’s bite her which perhaps shows being around for decades has minus points, strangely the stab proof vest did not help or perhaps assuming civil liberties as safe in any politicians hands is an issue perhaps confirmed.

March Patrick Rock won a prize for being the deviant in charge of porn filters, and we discovered that NIgel Evans gropes prospective conservative mp’s for some reason, i wonder if he groped Patrick Rock as well ?  Gemma Worrall who is @gemworrallx amused with “Barraco Barner” as she has 17 gcse’s and works as a beauty person so must be qualified to speak on such matters.

A plane went missing and is rather good at hide and seek.

Staying on board is the best thing

Staying on board is the best thing

April – a reddit sub got caught censoring stuff so you did not hear about that from here ok,  a boat capsized in south korea with most of its passengers still in it perhaps the lifeboats are just for show.

mr darcy required

mr darcy required

‘Yer wot’ or speaking cornish* became an issue when the bbc lost 2 million viewers with one of those horrid classic dramas it prefers over more contemporary issues mind you it proves that some people knew how to turn on the subtitles on there tv/set top box.

Milliband s On your side ?

Milliband s On your side ?

May Abu Hamza [hooky] got outsourced to America for good, Elections for europe stirred the pot and the green party was thought more labour party than labour [red] So much for that banana waving human

June – Birmingham home to unequal pay for the sexes of which the nec is going to be sold, got caught with Islamic suicide bomb schools.  I suppose having the first also includes the second and is a brilliant example of red versus blue politics at its worst.

The media’s bias on this issue covered both sides of the debate but the facts seem to prove the story although it has been stewing for four years.

As usual only 30% voted at the european elections and ukip did well, a later election saw a higher turnout and bad news for labour and ukip.  It shows that the ep is place people either dont give a stuff about, or feel strongly on and apparently there was a lot of football on.

July The likes and follows of creates humour of an odd kind, and Stan ONeal attempts at privacy backfired spectacularly. .The nsa decided i am an extremist and Rolf Harris probably knows ‘do know what it is yet’/  Parliament showed it’s loyalty to the security services over the elected.  Amusingly a comcast employee lost it when going viral [not here] showed the bad side of monopolies.

While losing one aircraft might seem not good, the same airline then lost another, however this one did not play hide and seek that well.

jowalkerSport continues to repulse me.

Laws for the moral minority [a favourite for the conservative party] got a setback when under a percent of mobile phone and internet accounts chose the family friendly only option as dictated by government.  Mind you if you expected choice from the three main parties drip (that ripa) was agreed and no choice offered – security services [including the nsa] won that with no debate.

August. Happy news abounded with Gaza and ebola in the msm and apparently world war one restarted.  I found a new midget that proves my views about sport.  Iraq failed as a nation state [ancient] and had to ask the americans for help.  Andrej Pejic (old)  went from he to she and gained an a to Andreja .

In chav circles a fridge on a cooking tv show apparently made it controversial when something was interfered with.

OscarPistoriusSeptember a naked sex tape film [not seen], hit reality when salfie photo’s where leaked.  If your going to take naked pictures then perhaps they should not be where they ended up.  Nike advertising is true. Iraq has began to fall apart again.

Scotland’s devolution attempt failed but proved that big decisions matter.rather than the it will not make much difference between red or blue.  Tesco’s world domination came to an abrupt halt with bad accounting which is something i thought would eventually happen. Guessing the alleged mystery person became apparent news.

October.  My hate of sport appears to be catching on when the Olympic committee got pissed off when requests for new personal telephones, free booze 24×7 and other trains running on time and royalty serving the drinks with a billion plus price tag meant that the last civilised non dictatorial sate  pulled out.  Sanity at last and that also confirms that sport is full of nazis.   Anyhow as they shoot down airliners in Russia there must be a hope that these people get blown out of the sky when the event goes to one of funny countries like Uzbekistan.

Ebola and other stuff became the latest governmental nightmares. A ‘spaceship went boom and the UK left Afghanistan once again.

_79167164_79166701November Poppies where a thing. and Emily Thornberry wins the award of best photograph for showing up how out of touch the labour party is.

Vodka went non Russian in branding for a strange reason mind you i understand most of it is made outside of Russia and that move seems to be permanent after the homosexual demographic decided to change drinks on account of comrade Putin earlier but it seems that also applies to all of us now..

Christmas seems to get earlier and earlier although the day before seems to work perfectly fine for me.

December speaking of that thing above the Theresa May and Patrick Rock sex toy enjoyment present was unavailable due to prudes in Parliament.  Instead of the usual agreement from the human sheep this got condemned even by the newspapers.

shrien dewani got off his ‘arranged murder’ charge although at a cost of revealing his sexuality, the failure to arrange future murder and still has the doubt in every-bodies head. While it may not be a best result it certainly has consequences for him.  Speaking of pond life Hachen Mustafa got named and shamed.

If you have been living under a rock the good news is that a us report vindicated Craig Murray [not here] who is a person with a blog that i read.

Sony after hacking us all with rootkits got hacked back and the fallout was spectacular when a treasure trove of documents got dumped including bribery attempts and the mpaa trying to do the dirty on Google.

Yet another aeroplane went missing.

A notable achievement for this blog was that it hit168000 spams, of which most of those i never saw.

mischkissJapanese dramas amused with mischievous kiss and divorce chaser showed another side of life that had a light shone on it, I’m Mita,Your Housekeeper went neighbours from hell, and at times was not a happy j drama but worth it. In anime Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods was gentle in a nice way and Mushi-shi was amazing.  Prediction wise i was on the banana as almost human got cancelled by evil Rupert Murdoch after being messed about with.

Orphan Black returned, as did In the flesh and did the business.  Although with the loss of bbc three do not expect much in the way of noteworthy stuff next year.

More recent J-Dramas here.

There was more fun to be had this year with ssl, and bitcoin

In non fiction books Alan Moore was a interesting subject, Afghan society apparently defines a threat to all world governments and progress which is a scary thought. Enron was insightful , Fiction works this year included a lot of Japanese books.  South Korean books where also read although hard to find.  Pikketty’s book on economics was also good.

Television I enabled the internet bit of the tv with some newer poe, but soon lost it. Stephen Hawking came over well in a documentary exploring his concepts being that cosmology is an active area, and as books soon date and was a rewarding four hours of tv.

* funny people in the south west of england

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