On liberty, Shami Chakrabarti

wenlock a policeman

wenlock a policeman

isbn: 9781846148095 is an interesting look at civil liberties and why reducing them does not work.

Chakrabarti is a reformed gamekeeper who despite once working for the evil ones in the home office (my blog) has some skills in deflecting some of the fud  that assumes that there are at least 2 and a half terrorists living within 500 metres of you.

Her success will be probably be rated as a failure as terrorism law is in vogue in all parties and other things wont be looked at as that might be racist.

This book is short and points out many of the failures of Blair and Brown (along with labour promoted rumours of affairs).  An interesting fact was that the natwest three was unsuccessfully tried to renamed the enron three.  I smell Gordon Brown over that

Karen Matthews a victim of Harry potters sucess

Karen Matthews a victim of Harry potters sucess

There is a correlation over money and law and with it goes the determination as to what is valuable for a society and what is not.  The other sad fact is once powers are granted they are always extended to the worse.

Lawyers are prone to defending there good characters and are the lucky middlemen in all losing battle that means they still get paid..

retard says sorryIts a thoughtful read and lacking as the only success was even more law to criminalise slavery* which perhaps says that perhaps democracy is also broken and anti human rights along with the lawyers who are happy with the state of things.

4/5 bananas

You will not agree with all the book but its nice to have something that points the compass in these days of security theatre.

* a wrong, ‘righted’ in law


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