Bananas and the unknown celebrities.

Potters Leisure Resort singer and bbc1 talent contest winner

So it was a weekend so months ago and i switching through television channels early in the evening prior to going out and on the more mainstream channels where the talent shows (my blog) where then airing. As i do not watch a great deal of chav (my blog)  tv and the talent show is a great enabler of the car crash come stairway to apparently being famous for a week.

If i was to blog about celebrities here it would be very short, in fact the more in the news they are the less i know..  I revel in this ignorance.  In fact there are two pictures of the unknown person on this blog, i could not find the other one.

On one side was the latest batch of talented singers, dueling for the attention after the latest simon cowell* tv show recently finished.  and the other was something to do with a swimming pool and a fat actor** who apparently has the chav tv soap operas roles for the next couple of decades.

The fat actor in trunks did not appeal, and the latest pop star in nappies failed to get picked by ear by a bunch of famous singing people of which i could only really identify one of despite a musical instrument and a backing band.   At least there not doing it on looks alone but i have made my point that this fame game is fickle and needs to both humiliate and crown winners to then sink to obscurity as the tv series concept matters more than the winner and there is always plenty of them to be had***.

judygarlandloverOh this reasoning also applies to cooking shows too with an angry fridge, and theatre star tv shows

* know the name, do not ask me who won  ** i know the face – it is a bit hard to not know *** not real talents

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