‘managed’ news

fraudster (the rbs bank) left, ethics campaigner right

fraudster (the rbs bank) left, ethics campaigner right

I do not like television news (my blog) for the reasons specified and others (my blog) that include worst panic of moment, an angle and means of social control.

France currently shows me (and you) those managed feelings.

There is absolutely no access to both sides of the ‘story’ and all i seem to see is government sock puppets who are known to reporters and reporting information that reporters and news media don’t seem to not want to find (my blog).

So i am not sure if the debates to be had are being shutdown by the media output with governmental help as a form of lieu of social control.

I include this just so you know where i stand on the Charlie Hebdo issue


The news might be important but when all i hear is one sides view and then a moment to groom it to form social control and with an multicultural face then i think there is something wrong with the news industry.

Think about it. The news can be better than known sock puppets of approved government media trained spoken words of whom you wont be hearing from Craig Murray (see blogs i read) for some reason.