Womens lib 0, Bananas 1

220px-Annie_Kenney_and_Christabel_PankhurstBananas happened to hear the end of a radio 4 discussion on the bbc womens hour* whilst making coffee here in the zoo about a book that might be similar to this (my blog) .

I later looked it up and found it in a library, there where just three reservations for it.

That’s a sorry statement about women’s hour on bbc radio 4, sure i cannot also imagine that billions of paper copies or ebooks are likely to have been sold either. A passive rather than a dynamic place. Mind you i had an likewise experience with this art book (my blog)

It makes me wonder about the value of mass publicity.  When i get the item i will usually give it a once over for your reading pleasure since nobody else seems to be interested in it.  However since your all not bothered i will not tell you more after all you could have listened too.

* radio 4 is a best avoided most of the time here in the monkey house due to accidents with cows, ‘comedy’, that moron who went to grammar school fifty million years ago and talks posh about monkeys and bananas in the grand scale of things to be considered drivel, although there a an odd gen to be found,

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