An update and fail on star trek

Bananas was reading one of those ‘news’ sites when a youtube channerl i had never heard of got dcma’ed by some retarded hollywood lawyer bot which i think may have been mentioned in this (my blog).indirectly. At best it was an advert for the full product.  Why are lawyers idiots ?

Anyhow when i wrote this i discovered that the stuff discussed about was on tv so i did not have to buy the thing which i now could not evaluate as the lawyers dcma’ed it on youtube.



more inside than outside in tos

more inside than outside in tos

The next generation looked rather odd restored on a modern television but was watch-able although it is a very poor restoration. A hunt found the original series on as well with ‘enhanced’ special effects compared to tng.

That was Charlie X and apart from a cleaned up negative the special effects added noting to the restoration although the added green blobs on the screen at the end for people who possibly did not need a space ship* is perhaps what was planned in the 1960’s but the budget failed to deliver for three seconds.

Overall neither desperately needed the newer version imho. But then again patience is a virtue.. The thing i took from the retarded lawyers action was you dont pay for them via buying the restored version – Capisce?.

* go figure

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