The ‘perils’ of Camdem residents

detectiveThe zoo is in a posh bit of London, after all we apes do have standards and know David Attenborough just so you where we stand (do you know him?).

Anyhow news reaches us second hand that somebody stole a roof and stuff from a house from these ‘people’ (my blog).  A brick wall was ‘unintentionally’ demolished** by the owner as well.

My response to the theft was I laughed.  The property in question always has somebody doing something as it so noisy with police cars and whatever and so means its a known target as many people know of it and the value so it is a ripe target for those to whom aspire without paying.

Nobody heard or saw anything since technically nothing usual happened from the usual noisy default.

I do hope the zoo’s compost bins* are safe.

* known for it’s valuable stock of banana skins that comedians use ** a humorous tale in itself and you get the impression.