A blank canvas for British films

blankcanvasBananas and the tribe of apes here in the zoo wanted to see a british made film with a cinema release which alone is surprising.

However it was not on.

As usual it was supposed to be on when no blockbusters of a superhero type (my blog) where scheduled on and while it could be found in places where a fair distance we would have to have travelled i came to the conclusion  that either you pirate this film or wait for it to turn up on television.

I was not particularly bothered about the item which i have not disclosed an imdb record for and wonder how many of the Oscar nominated films will also fail to get either a release, or scheduled showings that are not limited to a 9am monday morning time slot.

Its not a big problem for us apes but the next time some cinema luvie who is getting near death old gets an article saying its a damm shame nobody saw his 1948 hit remastered in a cinema remember at 0730 in one ever showing then please remind yourselves of this.

Thank you..