Planet botox meets the midgets [or just a trip to the library]

something like this

something like this

The library (my blog) i visit is not a trendy place but at times it is both infuriating and can be damm right funny. Hence my title Planet botox meets the midgets.

To set the scene it was a cold and rainy Saturday and i had to return one of the many books i read not being a amazon fan (my blog). I set off from the zoo and i arrive at the library to find it quiet.

It has a volunteer who is a old human who freaks me out as she has had too much anti wrinkle*** work and so squints her eyes and the face sort of contorts and emitting language of its own -its a bit like morse code sequences in old films .

I am not the only one in as there is also a woman trying to rent a j r r tokien film about gay midgets made into three films*. She wants them NOW, not in a months time.  Miss Botox wants to know how one might spell he who must not be mentioned (my blog) while doing the the mentioned things with the face.

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

So i know that this woman wont get her demands not for being unreasonable but the library system is like a fine wine and maybe if your lucky a couple of weeks later you might be in luck

I keep my thoughts to myself.

‘relief’ arrives in the form of a younger staff member who informs both victim and customer that the item was marked as lost several months ago. Hey told you.

Then with a spelling supplied by the younger person the search begins in other libraries nearby.

By this time i have returned my book. But I know that a quest for the gay male midgets** has just began.

* for an exercise try visiting some shops (my blog) not on the internet and try and rent a dvd you can decide which series it was ** not many females in those stories *** you know it when you see it

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