Like father like son

likefathelikesonimdb: tt2331143 was a definite see in the zoo once i was aware of its existence since this was not seen in a cinema despite a mention of spiderman* so take that as an indication that most cinemas show shit.

It might sound heartless but the blood ties are examined when two babies get mixed up at birth and that is where the dynamic works.  The win and loss of the blood tie is fixed and then broken.  Both sides seem to come out of the mess stronger and is worth a see.

5/5 bananas not at your multiplex.

* more superheroes needed? comment if you know.

One response

  1. Few days ago I was at art inst. of Chicago and I met an old lady.We started talking and one of our common interest was movies. She recommended this one to me and I had no idea about its release. So, yes multiplexes don’t show the best always.

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