British Telecom and email.

The zoo knows people with British telecom broadband*, they popped in one day and told us that there email was not working and apparently had to change that once working isp email address to a new one.  That sounds fishy anyhow the lesson was learnt that these non technical users should set up an non bt email account that should always work rather than being adjusted every week

So if they do get totally pissed off with bt they can move without email hassle holding them back.

moranPossibilities exist that

  1. the help person probably had no idea so a new email address was the only solution
  2. somebody within bt can be bribed to take over existing email accounts
  3. bt plc are technically incompetent (my blog)

Evidence exists that 1 & 3 could happen – they ‘lost’ a dns server and it was reported but apparently most of the people did not know that , 2 is speculation at this point.  However with non isp email i wonder if bt plc just made migrating to another broadband supplier a great deal easier.  I am not sure BT will like that but what they did is done thanks to yahoo (my blog).

* oh dear

In which bananas in the falklands visits a department store.

smile !

smile !

Bananas is not a retail visiting monkey, it had something to do with cinderella (my blog).  Off i go with the alpha ape to look at a unit which he likes for size and impression.  He was tempted to purchase it but it can wait.

Getting to the shop required transport, and it was the January sales quite when the ‘best’ sale is a question i cannot answer.  So we eventually get to the section but pass a mountain of crap and the make up and perfume staff looking occupied in make work tasks rather than customer focused sell tasks.

Unfortunately i saw no william and kate teapots (my blog).  So the experience is one i will not be repeating anytime soon.

Overall the world of television is very Fahrenheit 451 (my blog) and not my world .

The first fifteen lives of Harry August,Catherine Webb

jellyfishisbn: 9780356502571 should come with warnings that Webb wrote the book under an alias, and that she is ya book person, the book is heavily promoted in chav book reading circles and top ten book list aspirations and i am only reading it as it came up in a list nominated by such persons.

With that out of the way i can start. And in chapters of exactly two pages this is a book even a jellyfish could read.

Harry is a traditional history buff 1066, 1992, Chernobyl and gets better every time he lives and dies.

Sooner rather later it resorts to spy type thing set in chapters of about two pages and here is where i lose the plot and could not give a stuff.

Anyhow i will keep this short in the style written as to reflect the goldfish nature of this book.

0/5 bananas

bitcoin speed bumps

handbagAfter getting a purse [and 18gb of transactional data]  (my blog) i begin to look in using it. Its empty anyhow so it will not do you any good to steal zero.

I first looked into buying what may or may not be a currency – to do i had to spend a fortune of government forms, and several months later i still could ‘pass; the traders validation.  I asked them to delete my application and that seemed to make it ok.  They did not delete and i have not bought or sold anything with this account.  They have since disappeared**.  So that looks like an extra couple of months where bitcoin is still an unknown experience.

An odd experience.

Anyhow i find yet another trader, and that too requires a login and other stuff i don’t have. I get no further

In the past i have discussed wrong software problems – i try something called a muiltibit wallet and as do not have oracle java it leaves a pile of poo on the floor

[main] DEBUG org.multibit.MultiBit – Creating user interface with initial view : WELCOME_VIEW
at java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment.checkHeadless(
at java.awt.Window.<init>(
at java.awt.Frame.<init>(

minefieldAnyhow with bitcoin ‘core’ version 0.9.0 complains i have the wrong complier, so back to bitcoin 0.8.6 we go [a rename].

It will be nice when these windoze users figure out linux or ubuntu types start doing debian, and use non oracle java.

Mining is an option i thought and i eventually compiled a miner to find that the compute power is not worth it*.   Although once fully discovered miners become redundant in btc land.

The bitcoin community seem to be at best microsoft windows gamer users or custom pc’s rather than normal human beings.  As i run linux and apparently have neither the cpu /gpu power and hate windows means buying stuff and as so far bar government forms costs that i use for other things i have spent no money on this niche area.

Its written stuff online is very short hand, or has offering that are ‘coming soon’ .  I do not seen btc as a welcoming currency, and while it may be revolutionary throws up speed bumps.  Somehow i do not see playstation miners, or apple users getting apps on there lock downed platforms although the argument that gpu on any gaming console is best soon declines as the age of the design designates that factor.

I think i have use of btc but no way do i consider it a currency through a lack options for even mere mortals.

Indeed yes i could buy a expensive gpu, change everything, and do stuff but the btc community need to do more to be accommodating assuming that they can get past the gatekeepers like apple who probably do not want to do bitcoin and are pressured by shady types to say no.

Bitcoin in the space of a year has gone 10000 bitcoins for one pizza to under 1 which would buy you 40* pizzas so the value as a trading unit (opposed to mining*** it) undermine it. As how much is that pizza worth.

I have not spent anything on this adventure to get to this point and until i have to use it. Months later my adventures in btc have come to a halt.

*on a 24×7 box already ** no trading had happened  *** assume a $15 per pizza / 600usd @ 1 btc – no tip included

Three and a half London Daesh brides

News reaches the monkey house like you that three ‘british’ brides are on there way to whatever you call George W Bush’s victory in Iraq.

It shows something when having a valid passport is time for immigration authorities to be accused of not doing anything*.Turkey as a state is also privy to that accusation.

It is also fascinating that nobody else in local islamic circles or family is to blame.

* or called racial profiling and variants from institutional racism upwards

The Microsoft problem of the pc industry (or superfish)



Many of you think Microsoft is a good idea.  I see them in a totally bad way.  You think documents i think dirty tricks (my blog).  There os and extremely lame server tools yes do work but i dont want or use microsoft products.

I still buy pc’s but the crapware be it internet explorer or superfish is an encouragement of a bribe that the mafia would be proud of.  Without microsoft there might not have been linux but then the dirty tricks of microsoft which resulted in anti trust action are well documented elsewhere.

So even though i detest this microsoft stuff its is a non trivial task to buy no os computers. I usually get my way (my blog) so i consider them detrimental to pc makers.  It makes the big players lazy, and greedy yes i dont buy big brands.

Its easy to point fingers at the hardware supplier – however i see the problem at microsoft’s door.

mafia run the british red cross

nice shop window there

I am not anti choice please run what you want but run it because you want to not because it came installed.  It is easy to be lazy i see it in other things too.  The throwaway society it could be described as but why should i actively avoid having to buy items i hate like microsoft products that never will be used just to keep the mafia operation at Microsoft in fees?

For the record i have never bought Lenovo products.

The funny world of land rover and range rover owners

landroverBananas does not get the classic cars ‘thing’ and while i do recognise that a 1920’s model t ford has better mpg than a newer ford i am an ape who likes good engineering.  However there is something just too wacky with land and range rover restorers.  First built at the end of the 1940’s its a gas gulper certainly not aerodynamic but apparently it is liked by the jungle explorers (my blog).

The inefficiencies in city operation are sort of covered by converting from liquid like petrol to lpg which means you cannot do the channel tunnel (my blog) and need the right sort of engine. I see that these conversions don’t really pay off for the restorer so it a hobbyist thing.

Then i find out that the older land rover is no good if it turns over as the frame is certainly not modern car safe.

That leaves you with an inefficient motor that yes might be simple* to fix that seems it only redeeming feature is well its a classic reasoning.


* provided its not the suspension

Some not in a cinema near you film reviews

Late to the party but then as i am not getting paid to pimp stuff unlike these people (my blog) these come when it comes.

ImageThe railway man

imdb: tt2058107 something to do with world war 2 and has no superheroes in either.  Not a happy film but engaging even without superheroes in.

5/5 bananas

7samuraiSeven Samurai

imdb: tt0047478 I am not a fan of sword films on the whole although i make an exception for kill bill (my blog)so when i finally got round to seeing this – with subtitles (my blog) was worthy of a see and a late night.

5/5 bananas


imdb: tt1454468 is a film by the chap who did this (my blog). Oddly the disc thing was bought (my blog) and after many weeks it was finally opened and yes it was cheaper than the whole tribe of apes going to see it at a cinema.

It is well done and has few actors in it, it proves that the next moon landings could be faked as was implied by Stanley Kilbuck. I however like it for its space brothers (my blog) type story

It is a dialogue free and relies on special effects. So i still prefer space brothers. You could accuse gravity of trying to keep space for the special people* rather than a place for all.

What is interesting about this film is the disagreement between writer tess gerritsen (not here) and studio.

1/5 bananas – elitist.

* monkeys have been to space (my blog) – have you (my blog).


imdb: tt1535108 is a film by a director who did this (my blog) and it did not need the hollywood star. Its message (my blog) is interesting but the good idea turned bad by the mpiaa means its going get low bananas.

2/5 bananas very low word count.

Its been months since i have been in a cinema and i seem to have discovered that all the films i wish to see go straight to dvd.  Its not a problem,  Lets just say i am glad i dont run a cinema. One weird job in the cinema industry is a person who respells* words for catalogs color becomes colour.  I bet that job cost several thousand dollars.

* not magic

revolution,Russell Brand


Zoo visitor

isbn; 9781780893051 is my first ever Brand book.  I apologise in advance for reading a chav book should you be thinking why is this here.

Mr Brand is a motormouth, an ex drug addict, apparently rich and as seen on television and film.  His affinity to think that mother Theresa was a nice person (not here) is his error although a common perception as most of those lot are worse.

He is personable despite those flaws so this is not about the man but the concepts.  In fact it is good to have another voice who is not a ppe

Analogies are the ‘thing’ shopping centres (my blog) and snatched snippets of conversations make brief chapters along with the names of other shopping malls. Tibetan monks and religion and a brief bit of this (my blog) and that (also my blog) mean if you act on the stuff i blog on there is not a much of ‘new’ here unless the odd hari kristina is deemed new thought .

He does point out problems such as income equality in between trying to love himself better but there’s not much original to be found from my perspective.

The book mellows and even admits that while everything is not ok, it semi works and an perfect world comes with threats too.

1/5 bananas meh however maybe it will make some chav’s think.

I failed to finish it

an ethical newspaper


he who must not be named

Bananas does not like Rupert Murdoch (my blog), or that other one and i freely admit will never find a perfect newspaper.  That’s a good thing.

The Daily Telegraph (now jersey owned) has been caught up in some ethical problems with the names Sony (my blog) and a bank (my blog)  Before this it could not report on its old owner a certain Conrad Black seen in the image who was deemed to have done some unethical share trading.  His wife still writes for it i believe under an maiden name.

I was interested in this not for the bank aspect but the fake reviews and if editorial silence can be bought or made moot it might explain why the books it reviews sound so awful.

It is not my only source of picking up titles for reading but this integrity thing is going to need some work.

So if your paying for good book reviews in that newspaper your wasting your money in my humble opinion.  Since i dont see cinema released films Sony are most welcome to continue to pay them.