Non genuine hp ink in the wild

Have you played the overpriced ink game?

Have you played the overpriced ink game?

Eventually one of hp inks that was empty months ago finally stopped printing all the colours.  It was replaced with a non hp cartridge (my blog).  It went in easily and reports 50% full from new but as the ‘reliable’ ink sensor is so good* with hp genuine inks  i dont give a stuff about that after all i should have replaced the hp inks months ago according to its logic..

The non hp suicide bomber chip semi complains on switch on off the device but soon shuts up. A plus point.

Then a month later the hp black large container printed no ink and was replaced like for lke except it did not come from hp and that is looking sharp.

I think these are a good idea and are still legal before tttip makes them illegal..

The prints are are good and time will eventually tell if i buy these again.  Looking good.

* irony

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