The perks of being a wallflower,Steven Chbosky

dontcallmecrazyisbn: 9781471100482 is book i wanted to read but could not because the library had the book in a display about censored books in the us (my blog) but you could not read it.  I found that amusing.  However one day some years later after the film [not seen] came out it was readable and free from my library.

It was also unwanted after a number of trips, along with the dvd of the film which i did not get.

This is a well written book and one the religious don’t like for its themes of growing up (not specific) but that is the average small minded jesus loving american for you.

It relevance for future generations is something i doubt there being no mobile phones and internet but with the 1992 date, mix tapes and remembers a time when you went to retail shops for everything.

Its selection of music is also worth a mention for Suzanne Vega (my blog) and a dark family secret is revealed,

5/5 Bananas well worth a read by everybody.  I still do not understand why the bible thumper’s object to this but that’s me being me. So if your one of those ignorant people then you should invite one these three people and have a book burning session – you know you want to.

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