‘jesus christ! papists!’ or Shogun by James Clavell

papist fab! and gay

papist fab! and gay

Bananas has a like of Japan things and recently 1970’s Clavell books* came to my attention after the television filmed version from that era was on mainstream tv. I missed most of it and the the brief five minutes i did see did not look that good and so did what i usually do and go find a book.

In paper form it was a no, or an expensive wait, but an ebook was available via a library.

.The writing is cringe worthy and there is only so many exclamation marks i can endure and apparently i aborted this on page 115 However i got an idea of the order of Clavell’s books which also suffer the series problems books now have (my blog)

I'm robin hood, man in tights, no i am

I’m robin hood, man in tights, no i am

I dont particularly like David Mitchell’s (my blog) writing style but somehow even though i did not like that either it was better than Clavells tale of derring do with things i do not usually see in books.

An filmed alternative i found is one of those (my blog)  and i am sure that the non fiction is a lot better than the books i have so far mentioned.  It is simply a question of knowing what it is and getting a copy.

* i am guessing actual first publication dates

by golly but...

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