Offshore banking versus Domestic banking [some sanity please]

fraudster (the rbs bank) left, ethics campaigner right

fraudster (the rbs bank) left, ethics campaigner right

There is a lot of current angry debate on offshore banking.  Free movement of money is Nixons legacy although with currency blockades seen for Iran,Iraq,Vietnam,Russia and not forgetting Cuba that ‘free’ comes with a list of maybe not but if your friendly with the right american then you might be ok.

There is also said to be mass interception of all currency transactions by the americans via the payment networks.

fredgoodwinBritish banking failed spectacularly (my blog) when a certain mr Goodwin fucked things up and it became mostly scottish*,  Barclays is run by some Jersey residents.  The irony i leave to your imagination.


Paul Flowers and his rent boy

Milliband s come with rent boys - On your side ?

Milliband s come with rent boys – On your side ?

Even the co op bank had a coke and rent boy problem with a methodist at the helm, mind you i wont even try and explain how the labour party got a overdraft that caused this bank to be taken over being not financially stable despite supposedly ethical.

That Ed Milliband sure knows to how to push the right buttons with rev Flowers.  If that is you think the venture capatalists  now in charge rather than the ethical rev Flowers who are fixing the liquidity problems that  gb co op bank is facing.

So British banking is shit , you will end up talking to an offshore tax haven  for the most simple of requests say an account in euros (that’s europe) British banking is pedestrian on the whole.  So if this is something you should ask your british bank for you will redirected to some offshore island where a bank can actually offer that thing – please try it yourself.  Some American banks could, but Britain cannot.

Technically any british business that trades via the euro as a currency, or simply a tourist with a need to do stuff in € is thus a ‘nasty person’. As those non english banks on the high street cant or won’t do it.

So ok i dont like british banks, they are not innovative but inward looking and owned by the same people the journalists think are the wrong people after sitting on that certain leak for years so i point to blame in the msm too.

Alisher Usmanov

Alisher Usmanov

Indeed there is good money and bad money but the two faced nature of ‘corrupt’ banking also points a finger at the ambitions of government (my blog) so if your aiding money to be given as corruption then blame can also laid elsewhere eg you and me.

Oh and I do hope that diamond ring you gave to your signifiant other is not a blood diamond (my blog). Its nearly Valentines day and you know it

nixonSince most british banks are now technically offshore (scotland has its own laws) its a weird situation but then again that’s capitalism for you. I am sure Nixon would be laughing at you for your quaint ideas about banking.

All done.

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