The television more like a computer

No drm on the old tv sets

No drm on the old tv sets

The monkey house has a new tv, (my blog) its thin (like the one you probably have) and is not a crt (my blog) It was bought and it works. It is more computer than traditional tv and is connected to the internet.

It is a Samsung model and it hopefully looks like it will not suffer from software end of life that the lesser brands dont do (my blog).  It has no microphone or camera if you work for gchq or the nsa sorry

We kept the old dvd/video player from Phillips since that works and had little abuse rather than buy some obsolete format.

These smart tv’s also use poe (my blog)  It will be interesting to see if its energy saving rating is a actual thing compared to the cubic unit.  However i am not sure that being a television broadcaster has much of a future.

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