bonk,Mary Roach

royals need vets it appears


isbn: 9871847671360 is an author i have read before (my blog) and is about sex.  The book varies being a taboo in some decades and not others and goes from the human version to animals.  The book concerns itself with hetrosexual sex and is informative about what progress medical science can do.

It is shame that the prudes rule the science, and that the psychologists consider this there thing when clearly it is not.  However even the bible bashers** need help if they being good male christians remove there testicles so they can enter heaven after all the bible says so*.

An informative book which has a lot of footnotes but shows that science of sex has a long way to go.

4/5 orgasmic bananas.

* i recommend that all male christians do this. ** done in Australia with farm equipment no doctor is required


by golly but...

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